Date: [08/07/2021]

It is a privilege for us at Sands Wealth Management to be in Partnership with such an incredible charity, that has been helping children grow up in loving homes since 1994.
This is Hope and Homes for Children Romania first Family Type Home in Sibiu county and the 115th in the country. Soon, 12 boys and girls previously institutionalised in Orlat Placement Centre will call this house their first real Home. Everything from memories, laughter, breakfast and dinners will be shared and enjoyed here. No window guards, no 12 beds in one bedroom, no depersonalised spaces, just a Home. And, added bonus, a cherry tree and an apple tree in the garden!
Hope and Homes for Children mission is to be the global catalyst for the elimination of institutional care for children, because institutions provide the one thing every child needs: love. Today, there are over 5.4 million children globally who are confined to institutions. We are working to ensure that every child can grow up with the love and safety of a family, at home where they belong.
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