The Real Junk Food Project, Sands Wealth Management: Charity of the year

[Date: 10/03/19]

We are proud to announce that we are now supporting ‘The Real Junk Food Project’.

The Real Junk Food Project is a collaborative effort to bring about a radical change in our food system. They save perfectly edible food from supermarkets, distributors, and wholesalers that would otherwise not make it to your plate, and make it available to all on a Pay As You Feel basis. All food that they intercept is processed, quality controlled and distributed through a network of cafes, Sharehouses, Freegan Boxes, schools and community groups.

Around 1/3 of food globally is wasted (around 1.3 billion tonnes). Simultaneously, hundreds of thousands of people in the UK are living in poverty. The Real Junk Food Project believe that everyone should have access to enough food to sustain them – it’s a human right. The Real Junk Food Project provides the network to empower people in their community to make a difference.

At Sands Wealth Management, our Team will be giving valuable time and labour – volunteering at the Wakefield Sharehouse on a regular basis. Aside from volunteering, TRJFP have been given access to our boardroom for meetings with their national partners, and our marketing Team have been supporting both TRJFP and the Wholemeal Café Ripon by designing posters and other marketing collateral.